Sadly, our pony Jessie passed away suddenly in September 2011. She is greatly missed by all of us.



Tucker is a 7 year old black Miniature gelding. He is 36" tall and loves both people and animals. His best friend in the world is Jessie, who lives with him in the same pasture. Tucker enjoys giving rides to some of the smallest children. He is very gentle and loves to be petted.



Chenoa (which is Native American for "dove") is our new pony! She is 14 years old and is white. Chenoa is extra special, as she has one blue eye and one brown eye! She loves children and is one of the most gentle ponies that we have ever owned. She has been giving rides at parties and festivals for a while now and seems to love her job. She is ready to be your child's "birthday pony"!


Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions about our ponies and our services!


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