Pony rides are probably the most fun you can have at an event! For the children, the excitement is in being around live ponies, and getting to pet and ride them. Adults experience the same excitement as the kids, and for many adults, seeing their children ride a pony reminds them of their own childhood!

How it works

The ponies come right to your house/party area! We arrive a few minutes early to set up and you get a full hour and one half (or more if you want it) with the ponies.

We always walk right alongside the children where we can chat with the child and make sure they are having a great time. Our ponies can work in any size yard -- even as small as a 2-car garage will be fine. Our ponies can also be walked on cul-de-sacs, sidewalks, and driveways.

All of our ponies are raised in our backyard farm and are around our own children so you can be sure that they are healthy, clean and safe. All of our ponies receive regular veterinary care and appropriate vaccinations.

Available for:

Birthday parties
Church Events
School/Day Care Events
Corporate Events
Family Parties
Fund Raisers
Community Festivals
Neighborhood Parties

Perfect for any event!


Party Time

Most people need at least one and one-half hour with the ponies. This usually fits in with any party schedule. Additional time is available if needed for private parties and we are available for multi-hour parties and fairs.


Party prices vary by location, length of stay and number of ponies invited. Our basic party package includes the following:

One and one half hours of hand-led pony riding (one pony provided)

Western music

**Fun games for 1/2 hour is optional,
pony rides will last for one hour**

Package price: $175

Mileage is included. However, for parties over 60 miles from New London, NC, charge will be .75 per mile one way.

Additional pony/horse can be added for $90.

Additional fees for parties that last longer than one and one half hours. We will be happy to give you a price quote for services that meet your needs.




Fairs and Fundraisers

We love doing fairs and festivals and charge you a flat rate or hourly basis for our services. This gives you the opportunity to charge how you like for the rides. Pony rides are a fabulous attraction, bringing in lots of folks who might not attend your event but for the fact that their child will get to ride on a pony.

Payments & Deposits

A $50 deposit is required within one week of party date. Deposit is refundable if 24 hour's notice is given. Payments may be made by check, money order, or credit card through Paypal. We accept cash, money orders, or business checks on the date of the party.

Rain Policy

We come out rain or shine. In light rain we can still do rides as long as you provide a dry place for the kids to wait. If the day is a total wash-out we will book another date for you at no extra charge.

We are insured and our ponies are very safe.

Call Carolina Pony Parties today for more information
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